Real Moms Love To Eat by Beth Aldrich


I found this last year in my daughter's notebook. I mostly laughed about it! My husband and I have done a lot of talking lately about the foods we eat and where we could cut back or improve. We both want to make healthier, whole food choices more of the time, but succumb to ease a little more than we would like. We're unashamed that we like to eat and enjoy indulging every now and then. For a few weeks now I've been following Beth Aldrich's blog,, and appreciate her approach to food: "There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving food; it’s the type of food you choose to love that is the problem." Her blog is a wealth of recipes, thoughts on food and eating, and general Aldrich is soon releasing a book based on her blog, it's called "Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food and Still Look Fabulous," and it will be available from Amazon in early January. Aldrich is a certified healthy lifestyle and nutrition expert, public speaker, and mom. … [Read more...]

Think switching to a natural deodorant is hard? Think again with Crystal Roll-On #CrystalRollOn #CBias


  For some time now I've been on a journey to reasonably transition my family into a more organic, natural lifestyle that includes healthy food choices, environmental choices, as well as cosmetic choices. One of the most important and recent choices I have made personally, is to ditch antiperspirant deodorants and exclusively use a natural deodorant. Until a few months ago, I thought the only natural deodorant choice out there was the Crystal Rock that could only be purchased in natural food stores. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that natural deodorant choices are all around us - and can be as convenient to purchase as shopping at your nearest Walmart! I'm excited to share my experience with a new natural deodorant, Crystal Roll-On, thanks to #CrystalRollOn and #CBias, and how I didn't even have to go out of my way to get it ;) But, first, I want to tell you some things that are a little personal, but I share them so that you will understand why I am so passionate about … [Read more...]

Take the Wat-aah! Challenge ~ We did!

Baby Challenge rev

This year Emma and I accepted the Wat-aah! Challenge and made a little video chronicling our experience. As a Wat-aah! Challenge participant, we were asked to put the new lunchbox-friendly 10-ounce sized bottles of Wat-aah! in our fridge next to our kids' normal lunch drink and see which one they choose to take in their lunch. On this particular morning, as you will see in the video, Emma chose Wat-aah! and after school we had a little chat about whether or not she liked it! Fair warning - we were pretty "whispery" in the beginning because it was early morning and the rest of the house was sound asleep! Plus, listen for how she pronounces Wat-aah! It kills me. Emma is a funny girl. She took the "pink" Wat-aah! (the BODY version, made with pure spring water) to school but didn't care for it because she didn't think it tasted like water. *This is me scratching my head* Her friends at school, though, thought her Wat-aah! was pretty cool. Emma did, however, like the "blue" Wat-aah! … [Read more...]

Dr. Perricone Skin Care | $150 Perricone MD Giveaway


As I've grown older I've come to realize the importance of quality skin care products. Perricone MD is the one of the leading lines skin care products and supplements, created by dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. So, I want to know - have you tried Dr. Perricone Skin Care products? What do you like the best? Have you heard of the Perricone Diet for skin? The philosophy behind Perricone MD is this: Sagging skin and wrinkles are no longer an inevitable result of aging. With the proper care, skin can stay healthy and beautiful for longer than ever. Is it too late for those who haven’t been taking ideal care of their skin? The answer is a resounding no. By making some lifestyle changes, you can avoid even having to consider cosmetic surgery. There is no need to join the many who feel their only option to correct skin is to get a face lift. Dr. Perricone has several alternatives for a lifestyle that will keep you from ever considering a face … [Read more...]

New Way to Announce Winners

It's become important to me to be sure that I publicly announce, a task that, unfortunately, I easily forget about. What I want to do from now on is post the winners on my Giveaway page, that way as I update the giveaway list, I can go ahead and update the winners list. I'll keep the winners names up for 30 days. Hope that helps! I know I always wonder about who won contests I enter ;) … [Read more...]

Renuzit Fresh Accents | Review & Giveaway

Screen Shot 2011-10-16 at 9.01.46 PM

I blame retail stores for the holidays beginning early in my house! I noticed they were selling eggnog and, of course, had to buy some and proceeded to make the most delicious egg nog pound cake that I found the recipe for on Pinterest (enough said, right? you know it was delicious). Then, I received the most fantastic smelling air freshener from Renuzit and now I'm starting to feel the urge to pull out the wrapping paper and start wrapping presents ;) I digress...I love home fragrances. Especially holiday-themed scents! Renuzit has released Holiday Fresh Accents in two scent varieties - Winter Berry and Festive Snow - presented in a lovely decorative holder perfect for any home's holiday decor. They're priced right, too! At just around $2, it would make an excellent addition to your home, but also a thoughtful gift for family and friends. These little air fresheners are packed with scent, too! I set the Winter Berry one up in my home office, which is in the front of the house, … [Read more...]

Fun with FYRFLYZ | Review & Giveaway


Are you keeping your eyes and ears peeled for the hot new toys this fall? One of them is FyrFlyz and I've got all the details for you! FyrFlyz are an easy-to-use precision balance lighted toys. By simply swinging the two strings and applying tension or allowing slack, you can create a continuous movement of multi-color light shapes from rings, to figure eights and more! My girls, ages 2 and 7, love to play with FyrFlyz and playing with them usually means going into a darkened room, because that's where FyrFlyz look the coolest! We particularly like Blue Angel because it has multi-color lights and looks, according to Emma, "the most awesome." I have a special place in my heart for FyrFlyz, actually. My two-year-old daughter has apraxia of speech, so I'm constantly working with her on learning to talk. She loves to play with FyrFlyz so much and because of that she's learned to say "twirl" and "pull" (well, her version of "twirl" and "pull"). Here's a fun little video of us in … [Read more...]

Join Crizal and Combat the Enemies of Clear Vision with Captain Crizal | Giveaway

Screen Shot 2011-10-06 at 9.44.31 PM

I love to enter contests and giveaways, and if I find a particularly fun and easy one, I like to share it with my readers. This is one of those times! Crizal lenses, the only no-glare eyeglasses lenses that eliminate the enemies of clear vision: glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, is offering consumers a chance to play the “Combat the Enemies of Clear Vision with Captain Crizal” Facebook game and enter the sweepstakes! You can play by collecting Crizal Power Lenses, while dodging certain obstacles, in order to combat the enemies of clear vision. It's really a fun little game to play - although, I've now played it a handful of times and can't get even close to some of the high scores listed (score does not effect chances of winning)! The sweepstakes will offer one lucky grand prize winner a MOTOROLA XOOM™ with Wi-Fi, a $1,000 general use gift card and their very own Crizal lenses. The second place winner will receive a $1,000 gift card and Crizal lenses, and the third place … [Read more...]

Freschetta is Proud to Support PINK | Giveaway


Freschetta makes some seriously good frozen pizza. The other night we had one of the flavors from their new Simply...Inspired line and it was pretty much delicious. Freschetta uses real cheese, sauces made out of tomatoes picked at the peak of their ripeness, premium meats, and recipes that make any meal fresh-tasting and fun. And you know what else? They are supporters of a cause near and dear to my heart: Breast Cancer Awareness. Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Freschetta is doing their part with the FRESCHETTA PROUD TO SUPPORT PINK program. Through the end of the month, when you purchase specially marked packages of Freschetta frozen pizza or Artisan Pizza Crusts (look for the pink boxes!) you will be helping reach a donation goal of $50,000 to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. On these packages you will find a code on the back which you can then enter online at Each code entered will donate $1 to this cause! Also … [Read more...]

Planning for the Holidays: 10 tips to live by

Screen Shot 2011-10-05 at 1.55.59 PM

When the topic of planning ahead for the holidays comes up, my brain always goes to those iconic scenes in movies - like the fight over "the" Christmas toy in "Jingle All The Way." Or the epic fail that was the Griswold's holiday in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." Of course, don't we all try to try to avoid those situations? With that in mind, I bring you my ten suggestions for surviving the holidays: Save money throughout the year. I know some people who have $50 from each paycheck set aside in a separate bank account, or others who keep a "change jar" all year and cash in it come Christmas. Personally, I save all my gift cards and "extra" earned-income so that I can provide a great Christmas for my family and friends. Buy early. I do not like crowds, myself, but I do know some people thrive off of that feeling of shopping amongst the masses. I start buying Christmas gifts in September. By then I know what my kids are into and what's popular. Sometimes I fight with … [Read more...]

How do you keep your family cold & flu free?

Last winter we went through a week with my oldest daughter where she was so, so sick with the flu. So bad, in fact, she had to be hospitalized for 2 1/2 days. It was a parents - and kids - worst nightmare. Luckily the rest of our family didn't get sick, but we were terrified at the thought! I'm preparing now for cold and flu season and hopefully will nip these sicknesses in the bud ;) That said, how do you keep your family cold- and flu-free? Inspired by a conversation at along with Lysol, I thought I'd share what we're planning to do this year to avoid the difficulty being sick can cause! Get a flu shot. I am on top of things this year! Within the last week, one of my girls got the flu shot, the other got the flu "mist." Both of them hated every minute of it, but you know what? It's a small price to pay for the insurance that you'll be able to avoid the nasty sicknesses that go around every year. Right now you can Like Lysol® on Facebook and get a flu shot badge and … [Read more...]

When do you look a “Gift Horse” in the mouth, exactly?


I like to win. I'm not ashamed of it, I wish it happened more often. I particularly enjoy Twitter contests, like retweet-to-win or Twitter parties. I am always, always so grateful to win, I follow all the rules, and am honest in my entries. One of the things about giveaways, though, especially when you've won something you're particularly excited about, is waiting for that prize to arrive! I believe that a reasonable time frame for this is 4 - 6 weeks unless otherwise stated. What works for me is that if I haven't received something by that time period I will check in with the sponsor to double-check that they had all the correct information they needed from me, etc. I don't nag, I don't complain, I just make sure that I have done my part, leaving the ball in their court. I've never had a problem with receiving a prize...until recently. What I am wondering, though, is this: At what point after not receiving a prize do you really make a fuss? Or don't you? Here's why I'm asking: … [Read more...]

Please find the time to watch Lifetime’s movie FIVE on Monday, October 10th


October is one of my favorite months, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is a month dedicated to celebrating life and education and recognizing the impact of breast cancer. Next Monday, Lifetime will air FIVE, an anthology of five short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives directed by Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Demi Moore, Patty Jenkins and Penelope Spheeris and featuring well-known actresses in each. Through an interconnected story arc that uses humor and drama to focus on the effect breast cancer and its different stages of diagnosis have on relationships and the way women perceive themselves while searching for strength, comfort, medical breakthroughs and, ultimately, a cure. FIVE highlights the shared experience each short film’s title character – “Charlotte” (Ginnifer Goodwin), “Cheyanne” (Lyndsy Fonseca), “Lili” (Rosario Dawson), “Mia” (Patricia Clarkson) and “Pearl” (Jeanne Tripplehorn) – endures from the moment of … [Read more...]

Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Dance-Off


If you love to enter contests and love to dance, have I got some news for you! Scrubbing Bubbles has recently released their newest product, the One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and to celebrate they want to see your best one-step dance moves! Enter the One Step Dance Off Contest for a chance to win a “shriek to chic” bathroom makeover and design consultation with celebrity interior designer Lisa LaPorta. All you need to do is create a short video clip showcasing your best dance move as you use your One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner and boogie your way to a clean toilet! Here’s how to enter the One Step Dance Off Contest: Step 1 – Go to the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook Page at to download a $4 off coupon for the One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Step 2 – Install your all new One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner! Step 3 – Create your own unique One Step toilet cleaning move! (Need inspiration? Check out Dancing With the Stars’ Louis Van Amstel and Anna Trebunskaya … [Read more...]

Getting ready to host our “Learn, Create, Share” #LeapFrogParty!


Thanks to MomSelect and LeapFrog, our little family is excited to be hosting a Learn, Create, Share party! We have been longtime LeapFrog fans, my girls each have a Tag and Tag Jr. along with a plethora of books, so we are really pleased to be able to familiarize ourselves and our friends with the new LeapPad and Tag reading system along with new books and a world map! As we are in the planning stages for our party which will take place in the coming weeks, I just wanted to let my readers know that you have to check out the new LeapPad! My kids are always taking my phone and playing with apps, so this is a dream come true for parents like me. I have had a few chances, in between my kids fighting over it, to play with the LeapPad and I cannot adequately express how impressed I am with it. It is awesome! If you're on the fence about getting one for the kiddos, climb on down because it's totally worth it. Keep your eyes peeled later this month for my party recap and videos! Follow … [Read more...]

Sassy Grow Up Cup | Review & Giveaway

Sassy Logo

My little Abby is just over two years old and is still pretty good at making a mess of things. One of her favorite things to do right now is poor milk out of her "spill-proof" cups onto her booster seat tray or into her bowls of food. Sometimes she even thinks it's a great idea to do it on the floor! Not only does it make me mad that these spill proof cups really aren't, but I get frustrated wondering how she's going to ever learn to drink from a regular cup if she thinks she can just poor the liquid out all the time! The Sassy Grow Up Cup is a solution to both my frustrations. The cup is made with a rim like regular open cups, but has a spill proof seal to not only keep liquids from being poured out, but train kids how to drink from a "big kid" cup. They are currently sold in single-pack and two-packs exclusively at Babies R Us in three different sizes: 7 ounces for 9+ months (which come with removable training handles), 9 ounces for 12+ months, and 12 ounces for 18+ months. I … [Read more...]

ABC’s “The Middle” Season 2 on DVD and Bluray now!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm too soft when it comes to punishing my kids. I threaten a lot, but seem unable to follow through. For instance, my daughter's closet got to the point where it looked like a bomb went off in it. When we spent the couple hours it took to clean it, I swore to her that if she let it get like that again I would just throw everything away. Well, guess what I did this weekend? I cleaned up that messy closet again and didn't throw everything away like I promised I would. I thought about that empty threat a lot during one of the episodes of The Middle on Season 2. The Heck's were having trouble getting their oldest son Axl to stop leaving his dirty socks around the house and finally his dad had enough and told Axl that his punishment would be that he couldn't play in his basketball team's final game. I think Mike (the dad) regretted giving that punishment afterward, but he felt like he needed to follow through with it otherwise the kids will never take … [Read more...]