A Safe and Secure Back to School with Master Lock

It’s not just kids and teens that head back to school, adults are starting a new school year this month, too. My husband is in his final year of his PhD program and he and our 8 year-old daughter both have the same first day! It’s funny because as we’ve been preparing all our supplies and gear for the occasion, a lot of the measures we are taking to keep our belongings safe are the same – whether it’s elementary or college. Here’s some advice from our experience…

Keep everything you can labeled. Even if it’s just writing your name and number inside your backpack, I can’t tell you how many lunch bags,  umbrellas, jackets, hats, water bottles, etc. both my husband and daughter have collectively lost over the last few years. We’re fond of personalized labels, particularly for our kids’ stuff.

Lock those electronics up! Between my husband’s iPad, MacBook, and iPhone, his backpack is worth its weight in gold. We recently got him an electronic lock thing that he can attach to his laptop while he’s in the library, for instance, and if he has to get up to go get a book or make a copy, he can walk away safely without having to load up all his gear (it’s like the one from Master Lock pictured above). I highly recommend never losing sight of your electronics! We even take precautions with our daugther’s items. Since she can’t lock them up, on the days when her school allows them to bring electronic gaming devices (when they’ve earned it for good behavior), we make sure she understands it doesn’t leave her backpack until she walks in her classroom and hands it to her teacher, who can then hang on to it until “game time,” and then when school is out it goes in her backpack and then right home. Though not a mechanical “lock,” teachers are a great help!

The best advice we can give, though, is know what you’re taking each day so you know what you’re supposed to bring home. It’s normal to forget a lunch bag or water bottle, and luckily those are not too difficult to replace affordably, but if you can keep a good idea of what you’ve brought, then at the end of the day hopefully you won’t forget anything!

What are your back to school suggestions to keep your belongings and electronics safe and secure? You can take the Master Combo Challenge over at the Master Lock Facebook Page here www.facebook.com/masterlock to test your knowledge of safety and security!

This post has entered me in a a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.