ALO Aloe Vera Beverages | Review

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Not too long ago my husband and I had a rare date night and guess where we spent it? Target. We were going to see a movie, but when we got to the ticket window they said the theater didn’t have air conditioning and we could see the film if we still wanted to, but to heed their warning that it was hot. Not wanting to waste having a babysitter, we did a little shopping – which, I’ve got to say, going to Target sans kids pretty much feels like a vacation.

But I digress… We were at Target wandering through the food section and we came across these new aloe vera drinks, ALO, and decided to try a couple. My husband has a particular fondness for flavored water beverages and I have been looking for more ways to incorporate healthy living food choices in my day, so these looked like they’d be great. We decided we’d try the Allure flavor, which has Aloe, Mangosteen, and Mango. After refrigerating it overnight and trying it the next day, I can say with pride that I have found my new favorite beverage! I absolutely loved ALO. I was surprised at first because what I didn’t realize at the time is that the drink has aloe vera plant pulp in it, which is odd when you’re not expecting it, but I’m a big fan of pulp and so not only did this drink taste good, it had texture to it ;)

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With “goodness from the inside out,” ALO drinks are made with real aloe vera and, depending on the flavor, other beneficial ingredients. I was surprised at how much I also loved the Awaken flavor, which features Wheatgrass, since I’m not typically fond of wheatgrass as a supplement. ALO beverages contain 25% aloe vera pulp and juice content, and are completely free of preservatives, artificial color and flavor, emulsifiers, and thickeners. In other words – it’s a good, healthy drink choice. The bottles are generously sized and contain two servings each, and each serving is right around 50-60 calories. I don’t typically like to “drink” away my daily calories (I’m a water and diet soda drinker), but these are so low in calories and I think the health benefits make up for it anyway! Some of the benefits of aloe vera include promotion of a healthy digestive system and heightened vitamin and nutrient absorption into the body. Think of all the good things you use aloe vera for on the outside of your body (soothing, healing) and then imagine how well it will work on the inside of your body!

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One of the most unique aspects of ALO drinks is that every bottle has ALOtones. What are ALOtones? It’s a easy, fun way to unlock, download, and share music specifically picked to compliment the flavor of the drink. It’s as easy to use as snapping the QR code with your smartphone and your music starts playing right away.

ALO not only offers fruit and vegetable flavored drinks, but they have a line of coconut water beverages as well. ALO drinks can be found at retailers like Target, Whole Foods, Hy-Vee, Ralph’s, Henry’s, Earthfare, and many others, you can search for one near you here. Be sure to like ALO on Facebook, where you can score a $1 off coupon (which can make one bottle less than $1 depending on your store’s price – our Target had them for $1.29, so it would only be 29ยข after the coupon!) and have a chance at entering contests (their most recent one is for a full case of ALO! It ends 8/13 so hurry over and enter!). Also, make sure to follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and promotions for ALO beverages!

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