Moon Dough Magic Zoo – Interactive Fun!


Playing with Moon Dough is one of my kids favorite activities, but it's also one of mine because it's so easy to clean up! New to the Moon Dough family is the Magic Zoo playset, which allows you to bring your Moon Dough creations "to life!" My kids thought this was hilarious and couldn't get enough of their "walking" Moon Dough characters. It's really an ingenious idea to make it so the animals you create with your Moon Dough walk around and "play" with each other. To use Moon Dough Magic Zoo, you put Moon Dough into the Zoo gate, turn the handle and then, pop!, out comes a walking Zoo friend - in this playset you get a Gorilla, Bear, and Penguin molds, plus a fence mold so you can create your own Zoo! The Zoo gate is a little tricky to use at first, sometimes you turn the handle and the door doesn't pop open, but once you've played with it a few times you get the hang of it and don't have any issues (at least that's how it worked for us!). This is the Moon Dough Magic Zoo in … [Read more...]

Gomu Collectibel Erasers


My daughter has reached the age where she likes to be "in" on the fads amongst her friends at school. One of the most recent popular items has been Gomu, which are collectible erasers. While they may not sound like much, I've got to say, we have had a lot of fun with them, and even I've been surprised by their allure. Introducing Gomu, the only collectible eraser with a world of fun and collectibility. Each eraser has a different Gomu point value. Gomu points let you know how rare your eraser is. The higher the point value, the more rare the eraser is. Mix and match your eraser colours or trade them with friends. The Gomu collector tool gives you information on every eraser so you know just what your collection is worth. There are 10 different themes and over 100 erasers to collect with more coming soon. It’s not just an eraser, it’s Gomu! Emma has had a handful of Gomu, but her very favorite is the heart locket. She has taken them all over with her this summer and is excited to … [Read more...]

kung fu panda & general mills giveaway!


Has your kid been asking incessantly to go see Kung Fu Panda 2 in the theater? Mine sure has...and it hasn't even been released yet! Needless to say, it's going to be a long two and half more weeks until it comes out on DVD. But there is a fun little way to bide her time and keep her excited about it... This spring, General Mills is rolling out Kung Fu Panda 2-themed toys in select boxes of cereal! These fun spin fighter toys featuring Kung Fu Panda 2 characters including Po, Tigress, Shifu, Monkey, Lord Shen, Mantis, Crane and Viper can be found inside specially marked boxes of participating General Mills cereals, such as: Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Golden Grahams, Reese’s Puffs, Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Honey Nut Cheerios. Let the games begin with one spin fighter toy in each box. Simply cut out the targets on the box and then use your spin fighter to try and knock them down. With eight character toys to collect, the Kung … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks Dora’s Garden Gazebo | Review & Giveaway

mega bloks dora

Dora the Explorer granted my greatest wish last weekend :) All I wanted was for my two girls to get along and avoid boredom. Not always easy. The weather was uncooperative for outside play, so I pulled out a Mega Bloks toy for them to play with. Dora's Garden Gazebo entertained them all afternoon in one form or another (only a few shouts of "Mine!" were heard), and I was one happy mommy. Mega Bloks, probably best known for their colorful, chunky building "bloks," has a vast line of toys, including several Dora the Explorer-themed sets. Dora's Garden Gazebo, with 19 pieces and for ages 3 and up, is one of many that can be mix and matched for hours of play (others include Dora's Bathtime, Dora's Family Nursery, etc.). I loved that both my girls could play with this set, even though there is a significant age gap. Abby, at nearly 2, was on the young side, obviously, but she dove right in and it was enjoyable for me to see the wheels in her mind turning as she tried to figure out … [Read more...]

Lalaloopsy | Review & Giveaway

Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles

I have one of the girliest girls for a daughter. When faced with a selection of Lalaloopsy Dolls, she immediately went for Jewel Sparkles ~ the princess of the bunch. I tried to talk her into Tippy Tumblelina (the resident ballerina of Lalaloopsy Land), or Blossom Flowerpot (one of the newer dolls, who happens to share a birthday with Earth Day), or even Pillow Featherbed (the one who's always ready for a slumber party), but, no, she insisted that Jewel Sparkles and her crown were meant to be her best friend. Lalaloopsy is a line of absolutely adorable dolls that look like rag dolls, with disproportionate bodies and floppy limbs, but are some of the sturdiest, most durable dolls around. Perhaps you've caught the commercials with the catchy theme-song? Have you wondered, "It's cute, but what does it do?!" Well, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the imagination of a little girl. Emma loves to go online and play in Lalaloopsy Land or with the Lalaloopsy app on my iPhone. I … [Read more...]