DIY Under Bed Storage Bins | My Back-to-School Organization Bliss with ExtraSpace Storage Moving Kit Supplies!

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Like many moms this month, today I packed up and sent my two little ones off to school. It’s my first year with both kids in school all day, and I’ll be the first to admit that I did a little happy dance. Not that I don’t love my kids… don’t get me wrong! However, their excitement to go and learn and play with their friends all day was met with my excitement of bliss: a quiet, clean home! In anticipation of back-to-school, I made use of an ExtraSpace Storage Moving Kit from ExtraSpace Storage to manage the mess that was my kids’ room!

before room 

Back to school supplies and toys were piling up in my kids room and I couldn’t handle it anymore. That picture above is super embarrassing. If we were going to get through the first day and beyond of school, with a happy, blissful mommy, then we had to get things in order. Two kids in school means two backpacks of homework, two sets of after-school activities, two kids to get cleaned and put to bed every night, then start all over the next day. It was important to me that when my kids get home, they can not be distracted by toys and piles, and likewise myself: if I’m not distracted by a messy room, I’m much more likely to spend quality time with my kids! So I set off to come up with an easy, affordable solution for organizing my kids’ room.

extraspace storage moving kit boxes DIY under bed storage bins

Since they share a room right now, storage solutions are tricky. Two unique and truly individual children equals a lot of “stuff.” The only extra space I could find in their room was under their beds, so rather than buy under bed storage bins, I made my own with ExtraSpace Storage Large Moving Boxes. Each Large Moving Box was the perfect size to cut and make two under bed boxes!

extraspace storage moving kit boxes DIY under bed storage binsI had some colorful, fun duct tape, too, which gave me the ability to add some personality and decoration to these boxes. Plus, it added some extra-strength to these already sturdy boxes. I know they’ll be able to stand up to being pulled out and pushed back under by my kids.

extraspace storage moving kit boxes DIY under bed storage binsIn fact, after we used them a few times as is, I decided I could make it even better by adding a fabric handle! Since I already had the fabric on-hand, all I did was cut a couple small holes in the box and loop the ribbon through. And I got tired of my kids asking me where certain toys were, so I used some black contact paper and white chalk to label each bin! Easy-peasyextraspace storage moving kit boxes DIY under bed storage bins

I was so surprised by how  much I was able to actually fit inside of the cardboard box bins I made! I was able to take out the toy chest, put the extra clothes away, and then some with two of these bins under each of my girls’ bed. I was so happy! It made their room so much for peaceful and pleasant to be in – just what they (and I) need for the school year! In fact, I’m so pleased with how well they turned out, I’m going to use the remaining boxes in our ExtraSpace Storage Moving Kit to work on DIY creative storage solutions for our master bedroom. 

after room

This is a great DIY solution if you’ve got moving boxes leftover from a move or have found some. For each box I used only tools and supplies I had on-hand, so I didn’t spend a dime out of pocket! Also, as a mom of two, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, so this whole project was done from concept to completion in less than two hours :) Here’s my quick how-to with supplies highlighted in bold:

  • Take two large moving boxes, measure under-bed height and cut the top and bottom of moving box accordingly.
  • Wrap each box with decorative duct tape, paying special attention to the cut edges on the top. Be sure to cover those completely to avoid bad cardboard paper cuts.
  • Cut two small X’s a small width apart on the front of each box. Wrap a strong fabric ribbon through each and secure to make your box handle.
  • Use decorative edge scissors to cut out label from black contact paper and apply to box. Label contents of box with chalk.

Are you looking for storage solutions? ExtraSpace Storage has a wealth of options, information, and supplies for you to find your “bliss.” Find out more at, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and special promotions. 

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  1. Shani F. says

    Organization in my daughter’s bedroom is something I struggle with frequently. I like the idea of these boxes for under the bed storage.