Girl Land by Caitlin Flanagan | Book Review

Girl Land by Caitlin Flannagan

The transition from girl to woman is an experience that has changed radically over the generations: everything from how a girl learns about her period to how she expects to be treated by boys and men. Girls today observe these passages very differently, and yet the landmarks themselves have remained remarkably constant-proof, Flanagan believes, of their significance. In a world where protections of girls’ privacy and personal freedom seem to disappear every day, the ultimate challenge modern parents face is finding a way to defend both.

I’ll admit, I really have no idea what I’m in for as I raise my two girls. Obviously, my hope is that I will be a good enough parent to help them become good, smart adolescents, however, I am only now learning just what I am up against. As any mother can tell you, it’s a completely different world out there then when I was a kid. I cannot even fathom going to high school in the age of Facebook. Kudos to all those who do it and live to tell a good tale.

That said, I am always eager to read material – whether it be books or magazine and newspaper articles – on the culture, health, and future of young girls today. I want to be armed with all I can so that I’m a good parent and give them the perspective they need to maneuver the social and emotional times ahead of them. Of course that is why I was pleased to come across Girl Land by Caitlin Flanagan.

I appreciated the perspective and topics Flanagan discussed, but early on I was very put off by her voice. I felt like I was being talked to as if I weren’t as cool as she is. But, perhaps, that was just me. Another thing I felt was off-putting was that she tended to share a lot of her own stories, where I was expecting more of a third person sociological foray into this topic.

There were quite a few places where I nodded along in agreement or in a sense of “Oh, yeah, been there done that, my kid’s not going to do that,” etc. It was also a fun look at how times really and truly have changed, and not in a quaint way, but a scary way.

All in all, it’s a good fit for my library of materials preparing me for the parenting years ahead, and it’s something that I will be suggesting to other moms I know who are consciously raising their daughters. You can find out more about Girl Land and purchase it on Amazon here.

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