Healthy Child Healthy World Party Kit

I just wanted to give you a heads’ up that this year’s Healthy Child Healthy World Party Kit is a-mazing! I signed up back in January to host a Healthy Child Healthy World party and with my $25 tax deductible donation I was sent this super-super box filled with all the things I need to share with my party guests. I was completely blown away by what was provided. Here’s a peek inside:

As you can see there’s a large number of product samples and a really great lot of full-sized products from companies like Tropricin, Nordic Naturals, EcoStore USA, Bona, and Dolphin Organics, plus a lot of snacks from Clif, Luna, and Plum/Revolution Foods! There are way too many products, brochures, and coupons to name all of them and keep my sanity, but one of my favorite additions is the Nordic Naturals bags of goodies and the Green Planet Parties serving set. I’m excited to share with my friends the Nordic Naturals samples because I’m really passionate about children’s vitamins – but the majority of the popular national brands are worse for you than they are good for you (sugar, aspartame, dyes, etc.). Those goodie bags themselves are awesome produce EcoBags and each one contains soy crayons, vitamin and supplement samples, one of the coolest wooden pens I’ve ever seen, organic lip balm, as well as coloring books and other materials. Also the Green Planet Parties¬†partyware¬†is so cute and unique and new-to-me, so I’m glad to have a chance to familiarize myself with this company.

I hosted a Healthy Child Healthy World Party over two years ago and the package I received then was super cool, but definitely not this cool :) It’s easily worth the $25 I donated, actually I think it’s even above and beyond that in worth. If you’re interested in hosting a Healthy Child Healthy World Party you can find out all about it here. It’s definitely a program I believe it and am really excited to start planning!



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    I love your website and email!!
    I was so excited just now to enter to receive your “Healthy Child World Party” as the topic for my monthly meetings but then I was so sad to see that you don’t ship outside of the states:(
    Do you think there will be a time that you ship to Canada
    Thank you in advance for you help