Hylunia Natural and Organic Skin Care | Review & Giveaway

Finding natural, organic skin care that works is a tricky fete. There are a lot of choices, and as I’ve been doing my research in effort to use healthier products on my body, I came upon Hylunia, which I must say carries some very unique and appealing products in their lineup. Their philosophy is two-fold: 1. Focus on Correction and Efficacy, and, 2. Focus on Prevention. This is quite a revelation in a skin care product because I always feel as though when purchasing products I can’t “have it all” with just one – I feel like I have to play “favorites” and choose between my two main skin concerns (acne-prone, oily skin and anti-aging). That said, I want it all in just one – why can’t a girl have the best of everything in a simple skin care routine? It’s not too much to ask and Hylunia is living proof.

colloidal silver mist with lavender hylunia

When I said that Hylunia offered unique products, I was speaking specifically of three of the handful I have tried over the last few weeks. Let me start by saying how in love I am with Colloidal Silver with Lavender Floral Water spray toner. First, anything with lavender in it, I’m sold, but I had no idea what Colloidal Silver is, let alone how great it is (btw, it’s a germ-fighter, which is so awesome I can hardly stand it). I spray this on in the morning after I cleanse my face and in the evening after I cleanse my skin. Sometimes I even spray it on throughout the day if I feel particularly oily or like I need a pick-me-up. The lavender provides not only soothing properties for the skin, but I feel as though I’ve stepped out of an aromatherapy spa treatment every time I use it! It follows Hylunia’s philosophy by helping heal my skin, works to combat my acne, as well as preventing any future skin damage from UV rays or inflammation. The Colloidal Silver with Lavender Floral Water facial spray toner is sold in two sizes, 2 ounces which retails for $11 and 5 ounces which retails for $28, both with free shipping on Hylunia.com. They offer other spray toner varieties, one of which is a Healing Vanilla Water Mist with Calendula and sounds equally fantastic.

Another stand-out product from Hylunia is their Facial Cleansing Lotion, which, in my experience with it, seems more like a gel than a lotion. In any case, it’s amazing! I really like the consistency and scent, as well as how easy it was to apply and use. I could use a little that would go a long way thanks to its foaming capabilities. It’s gentle, so I don’t overdo it on my skin, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  It also contains the very popular, and very effective, hyaluronic acid. Hylunia’s Facial Cleansing Lotion is sold for $27 for a 5.1 ounce bottle and you can read more about it here.

beyond complex c hylunia

One other Hylunia product I want to be sure to mention is their Beyond Complex C, which they have dubbed their “youth in a bottle.” I used it after cleansing and toning my skin and it’s really quite great. It has a very natural scent, which some might be put-off by, but I definitely care for it over a chemically-created scent. With ingredients like green tea, chrysanthemum, and turmeric, it’s a great anti-aging product that works. I really noticed and liked the look and feel of my skin after adding it to my beauty routine. I did not need an additional moisturizer after using it, which is great. Beyond Complex C is sold for $84 on the Hylunia site and is a great example of just how effective intelligently designed natural skin care can be.

hylunia products

One of the great things about Hylunia is that they don’t hide and aren’t ashamed of what’s in their products. In fact, they pretty much spell it out to you what each ingredient does. I encourage you to have a look around their website to see for yourself all that they offer and how much thought and effort is put into providing a skin care line of products that does it all without compromise. Also, even though Hylunia offers free shipping with no minimum purchase, you can have a look and see if Hylunia is carried at any of their partner locations across the country by clicking here. I love Hylunia and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I’m so pleased to be able to offer a giveaway of Hylunia products! One winner will be chosen at random to receive a full-sized bottle of Beyond Complex C (valued at $84) and a Hylunia Travel Kit (valued at $60) which includes a travel-sized Facial Cleansing Lotion, a travel sized Colloidal Silver Mist with Lavender, a travel-sized Beyond Complex C, a travel-sized Super Moisturizing Facial Day Lotion, and a travel-sized Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Treatment. That’s a total value of $144! To enter to win, you can do any or all of the following, but please leave a comment for each as that will count as your entry:

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 Products were provided for review and giveaway. For further disclosure, click here.


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  5. I adore this product line. A few of my favorites are the grape seed facial scrub, eye cream and facial day lotion!!

  6. I’ve used Hylunia in the past and every product that I’ve used has been fabulous. I don’t know of any other company making products with such a focus on purity as Hylunia. I was fortunate enough to find my big bottle of Colloidal Silver spray just the other day after a long move some time ago!

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    i LOVE hylunia. I was introduced to it at a facial and haven’t gone back since. My skin has completely improved and i’m SO happy with the results. Other than the products mentioned, i LOVE the nighttime lotion as well as the ultimate antioxidant treatment (with the beyond C complex). I LIKE them on Facebook as well. man, this giveaway is amazing. These products are the best.

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