January Citrus Lane Box: Fresh Start + Coupon Code

I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to join Citrus Lane and when I received an email from Healthy Child Healthy World that they would be working together on January’s “Fresh Start”-themed box, I decided that now was the time to jump in – and I’m so glad I did! The theme was to include all organic products to get your year started off on the right foot. I received this delivery a few days ago and it’s superb, exceeding all my expectations when it comes to box subscriptions. It included several full-sized products for mom and tot and then some…

What’s inside and what do I think?
  • Dolphin Organics Lotion ($11.49 at DolphinOrganics.com) – I have been dying to try Dolphin Organics products for a couple months now, so it being part of this box just made my day. It’s literally fragrance-free and it’s 100% organic. It’s perfect for my toddler’s after bath time routine and I’m really excited to finally experience this company’s product.
  • Green Toys Tug Boat ($14.99 at GreenToys.com) – This is a new discovery for me and am so glad it was in this month’s box! This tug boat is made from recycled milk containers and is for use in the bathtub. My 2 year-old loves to scoop and dump water in the tub so I am so happy to have a “green” bathtub toy for her to play with!
  • Happy Baby Happy Yogis (2 @ $3.59 at Target, etc.) – We love Happy Baby Yogis! This is something we purchase regularly and receiving them in our box was most welcome, even though we’re already customers of the brand. As you can see from the video they were Abby’s favorite box item!
  • Pangea Organics Lip Balm ($12.00 at PangeaOrganics.com) – One of the reasons I love box subscriptions is because I get introduced to companies and products I am not familiar with, and Pangea Organics is one of them. I couldn’t have asked for a better lip balm – it’s organic, lavender-scented, and very generously sized! I really love it. I am looking forward to trying more of their products now.
  • Plum District ($10 for PlumDistrict.com) – Two $5 shopping cards for Plum District were included in this month’s box, and that’s awesome because I love Plum District deals so these will go to very good use.
  • Bloume Baby (20% off at BloumeBaby.com) – This month’s box also included an exclusive 20% off coupon for BloumeBaby.com which sells organic clothes and accessories for mom and baby. I’ve got two cousins expecting babies soon so I have every intention of using this discount for some quality, organic gifts for them.

Normally subscriptions to Citrus Lane are $25 per month, but I used a discount offer and received this first box for $15 (you can also get a discount when you purchase 6 0r 12 months at a time). For $15 I received over $60 in products, so I really couldn’t be more pleased with my foray into Citrus Lane subscriptions! You can get an even better deal than I got and get 1/2 off your first month’s box (pay only $12.50) when you use code CITRUSHALF4 at CitrusLane.com. Also, if you weren’t a member of Citrus Lane and didn’t receive this box, but WANT to, you can purchase it (it’s a Limited Edition Box) for $30 at CitrusLane.com (I got the toddler version, but there’s a baby version, too with a variation in items!).