Purex Crystals for Baby | Review & Giveaway

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One of my favorite things to use in our laundry routine is Purex Crystals. It’s made from natural ingredients and always gives the perfect compliment of scent to our laundry. Just hitting the store shelves now is Purex Crystals for Baby, so now everyone in the family can enjoy the benefits of this laundry enhancer.

purex crystals for baby purex crystals for baby

Our family has a few baby quilts that were made for our girls by family members and we take particularly careful care of them. Lucky for us, Purex Crystals for Baby is hypoallergenic, dye free, and 87% natural, plus it has a “baby-inspired” fragrance, so even though my two girls are quite babies anymore, I can be reminded of those sweet times when we cuddle in these quilts (and it’s also safe for children’s sleepwear!).

Purex Crystals for Baby is such an easy addition to home laundry care. I simply sprinkle the granules in the wash and they power through my laundry to make it come out smelling wonderfully and feeling soft. Just like babies ;) Use it with baby detergent and get the sweetest load of laundry you’ll ever do!

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Going on right now, to celebrate the launch of Purex Crystals for Baby, Purex is hosting the Welcome to the World Sweepstakes. How do you keep your baby’s clothes fresh without concerns about their sensitive skin or damage to their clothes? The answer is Purex Crystals for Baby! One grand prize winner will receive $1,000 while 250 additional winners get FREE Purex Crystals for Baby.e lucky grand prize winner will win $1,000 and 250 second place winners will receive a free bottle of Purex Crystals for Baby. It’s super easy to enter, just click on over here for your chance!

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New Purex Crystals for Baby joins the rest of the Purex Crystals family this month at Walmart! I’ve got three coupons, each good for a FREE 28 oz bottle of Purex Crystals for Baby for one lucky reader right here on my blog! To enter for your chance to win, just use the Rafflecopter form below and let me know if you have any questions!

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