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re:writes reusable white board sticky notes

I’m a big fan of sticky notes. And white boards. In my home office, kitchen, and around the house they are all life savers. I used to put sticky notes on the bottom of my computer screen, but t hey would always fall off, so I would end up having to tape them on…it looked pretty bad. We have two white boards in our home, they’re both big – one’s a calendar in the kitchen and one’s a to-do list in our office. Thankfully, I’ve found the best of both worlds – RE:writes from It’s Academic. The best way I can describe RE:writes is as white board sticky notes! They come in multiple sizes and colors and are totally removable and reusable.

re:writes reusable white board sticky notes  re:writes reusable white board sticky notes

We’ve been using them around the house in various ways – I’ve got a menu up on the refridgerator that I can keep notes on with things to add to the grocery list. Rather than sticky notes falling off my computer screen I have put a RE:write on one of the corner edges that I can easily add and remove little reminder notes to myself. RE:writes come with a dry erase marker that also grips onto any surface.

re:writes reusable white board sticky notes

Another fun way we’ve used RE:writes is for my oldest daughter, Emma. I’ve found that during the summer I don’t hear “I’m bored” as often as when I give her a to-do list. It’s nothing scary, it’s just a list of things she needs to do everyday to be productive and not be so lazy. Until we started using RE:writes, we were just making her a daily list on a pieces of paper and taping it up on her door and she could just cross off the things that she completed throughout the day (it’s also a good motivator for her to get things crossed off, there’s something about visual recognition of finishing tasks). Now that we’ve put a RE:writes on her door, I’m not wasting paper or tape and she thinks it’s a lot more fun, too.

One of the really neat things about RE:writes is that they’ll always be reusable. You might think that over time they’d lose their tackiness on the back, but according to the instructions, if the RE:writes seem to be losing stickiness, just clean the back surface with water and let dry to start using like new again! Plus, there’s no glue or tape or any kind of adhesive on these so they’re perfectly safe to use on nearly any surface with no damage done. Believe me, I wouldn’t put anything on my iMac that would ruin it!

You can find RE:writes at stores like Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, Meier, and Office Max with a starting price of $4.99. Be sure to follow RE:writes on Facebook Twitter, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on new products, promotions, coupons, new retailer, and see how others are using RE:writes (someone on their Facebook page posted a picture of emergency numbers on the inside of a cabinet!).

re:writes reusable white board sticky notes school supply blog giveaway it's academic

Having RE:writes around the house is definitely getting us geared up for school and back to a regular routine. Are you ready for back to school yet? The folks at RE:writes and It’s Academic have generously offered to give away to one of my lucky blog readers a Back to School Prize Pack valued at $250! The prize pack includes binders, notebooks, book covers, scissors, locker kits, mirrors, rulers, compasses, protractors, locker shelves, and so much more! Colors and styles may vary slightly from photo above.

To enter to win this amazing prize, just use the Rafflecopter form below and follow the instructions included. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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  1. Jess McCarthy says

    They would be great to keep on my extra freezer to keep track of what I have without openong the door!

  2. Ann Fantom says

    I would use RE:writes in my daughter’s room to leave notes and reminders for her

  3. Crystal F says

    I would use them for my daughter’s softball team. We could put the lineup on them or the field positions. thank you!!

  4. Lydia Vierson says

    I would like to use them at a non-profit I volunteer for – seems like a great way to brainstorm and organize projects!

  5. Anna Maloy says

    I would use them to help stay organized through the year. My oldest is going into Jr High this year and is getting a locker for the first time. He could really use some of this stuff!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  6. Margaret Smith says

    These would be great to leave little reminders for my sons and husband (and even myself). Also a nice way to keep a going grocery store list on our fridge.

  7. sara j says

    OMG these are so neat! I would have one on the front door for my hubby because he forgets everything!!! I always write him a note for the morning and this would save me some paper lol

  8. Cynthia W says

    It would help me get organized in the kitchen and to keep track of homeschool items/things to do.

    cawillingham1202 at gmail dot com

  9. Ericka says

    I would use this for daily reminders such as for chores and stuff like that
    ericka082 at gmail dot com

  10. kathy dunaway says

    I would use it to put notes in my kids lunch boxes and to make to do lists. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  11. Katie R says

    I would use it on the fridge and write down or grocery list or use to write my to-do list.

  12. Stacey B says

    i’d use it in the kitchen for daily reminders for the family, as well as to teach my son to write better

  13. Elisabeth says

    On the fridge, on my kids doors, next to the computer, in my Sunday school class…. lots of possibilities. Thanks!

  14. Julie Cutshaw says

    I would use ReWrites for keeping up with the days that my grandson is here verses the days his mom takes him to appointments etc
    And I would use them to keep track of my sewing orders that need to get out. Thanks

  15. says

    I’d use RE:writes every school morning for the two lists I leave for my son so he can hopefully remember all he’s got going on before he leaves for school. I leave one on the table so he sees it when he gets up, and one on the door so he can double check.

  16. says

    I am the queen of post-it notes and to-do lists. This would be great to help keep my lists easily updated so I don’t have 5 lists floating around the house at one time with various stages of progress!

  17. Dani K says

    There are so many ways I could use RE:writes, but the first way that comes to mind is on my dishwasher to keep track of clean or dirty. Some people use magnets, but mine doesn’t have a magnetic surface.

  18. LaTanya says

    I would use them to keep track of what items I need for groceries by keeping them on my fridge.

  19. Terry Y. says

    I would use it for homeschooling, and to get my house in order!! : ) Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Betsy says

    Yes this would be great for the menu on the fridge, and notes of encouragement around the house. Thanks!

  21. Bethany says

    I would use rewrites for my grocery and to do list on my fridge @ home and my desk @ work!

  22. Diana Stanhope says

    I would use them for grocery lists, daily chore list, my personal to do lists. I use lists a lot because I’m forgetful they would be super handy.

  23. Aimee Fontenot says

    I’d use it to post items I need to get or reminders. If I won, whatever I didn’t need would go to my nephew and my best friend who is a school teacher.

  24. kendra W says

    The options are endless. I would use them for grocery lists, lunch notes, chore charts, little i love you’s in fun places. Thank you for the opportunity.

  25. Denice P says

    I think I would use the to keep track of my spending that I do weekly. Then start fresh every week.

  26. Barb Hulme says

    this would be so helpful, I have to have lists for everything to do lists med schedules appointments ect

  27. Jennifer J says

    I would use them for grocery list, to do lists and to leave notes for the family. Thanks!

  28. Cee Love says

    There is a box in my local area for school supplies, I would drop all this off in the box.

  29. clynsg says

    The family has very different schedules, and we often leave notes for each other to remind of various things–these would likely be used for that, since they would be posted in places that would be hard to miss.

  30. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I would use ReWrites for so many things, but one in particular is grocery lists/things we need for the home!

  31. Tiffany Overton says

    I would write notes to my boys and leave them in there lunchboxes for a nice suprise! I would also leave one in my husbands lunchbox. He is at the Fire Station for 24 hours and he needs little reminders that I love him and miss him when he is away!

  32. kelley c says

    I would use these in my classroom. I would put them on my students’ desks so they would write right on them.


  33. Laurie Emerson says

    I would use it on my fridge so I know where I am supposed to be each day when it comes to after school activities.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  34. Deborah Hogue says

    I would use them as to-do lists and log grocery items when I run out of something important

  35. heather c says

    I think I could use them for my workout sessions, putting one at each station to show what to do.